Active Body Nutrition

What Is The Active Body Nutrition Franchise Opportunity?

The Wealthy Franchise is no longer promoting Active Body Nutrition. If you are interested in profitable franchises or investment opportunities, please contact Alistair at 778- 676- 3808.

Before talking about the opportunity, Active Body’s goal and mission as an organization is: “To become the #1 sought after retail destination for sedentary and active individuals of any age and fitness background to shop for their products and seek for the best advice to help them attain their goals. They have entered competitions in their respective sport of choice and understand the value of proper nutrition and supplementation for optimal health, strong immune system, and athletic performance. Our sole ambition is to motivate and inspire individuals to be active while providing their bodies and fueling their systems with the best and highest quality products that will improve performance.”
Active Body is committed to building a strong team by establishing rock solid relationships with their franchisees. How?
First we ensure that we provide the best support, advice and expertise needed to build and operate a successful business. You could become part of our vision, and be recognized by consumers as the leaders in the nutritional supplement industry. Our strategy is to grow through franchising because it is simply the best model period. We have a proven model and we ensure quality and consistency throughout our program. As a result we will only be awarding a limited number of select franchisees every year. Please read on to learn more about the opportunity.
What Are The Benefits To Me?
#1 Low Investment
Active Body is an ideal franchise for that entrepreneurial spirit with a great attitude, aptitude, and determination. At the same time it does not require a large amount of money or experience to begin. There are several options available to get you into the business. You will be considered with only a $20,000 capital outlay. We have already established financing partnerships with the TD bank.
#2 Support
We help owners achieve success. We provide coaching, to our store owners on the laws of success and how to achieve greatness. We have a dedicated training program, and provide top notch training materials, including cd’s, books, and video. We also provide each of your staff members with video and manual training in all aspects of retail operations.
#3 Marketing
We have an unbelievable marketing team to help you get to that first sale. We promote the brand on a municipal, provincial and national level. In addition you receive:
  • The use of the Active Body trademark, and reputation.
  • Established relationships with suppliers for the best possible pricing.
  • A listing on the corporate website.
  • Company email address

What Is the Process?

We developed a very straightforward process that allows both parties to exchange information in a structured manner. We want you to be comfortable proceeding at your own pace. We ensure your information is confidential but as a franchisee you will be required to provide adequate information so we can evaluate your potential as an Active Body Franchisee. Our doors are open to you at the same time, and want to give you all the information that you will need to allow you to move forward in the process.

Take The First Step

The first action you will need to grab is to get our franchise information package. This package will give you all the necessary information you will need to determine if you are a qualified fit. Once you meet the preliminary qualification criteria we will contact you to do a meet and greet. We will learn about you and your motivations and resources to pursue the opportunity. If we both agree to move forward you will get the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) via email. From there you can talk to existing franchisees, do field research, and get more detailed information. This step will end with a mutual agreement to decide if the opportunity is a fit for both.

Contact Us

We look forward to sharing more information with you. Please call Alistair Vigier at 778-676-3808 if you are interested in Active Body Nutrition.

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