Best icbc lawyer in vancouver

Best icbc lawyer in vancouver

Best icbc lawyer in vancouver

The Wealthy Franchise has once again put together a list of it’s top three law firms. In this blog, we did research into the best icbc lawyer Vancouver. This was a hard top 3 list to come up with, since there were not a lot of details on what makes one icbc lawyer better than another. We wanted to find a lawyer that would fight for their clients, and keep their client informed throughout the whole legal process.

best icbc lawyer Vancouver

We based the top 3 law firms in Vancouver on their years of experience and the content provided on their website. It is highly recommended that if you are injured, you should contact an icbc lawyer right away. ICBC has a reputation for pressing people to accept small settlement amounts (sometimes even $2000.) They do not want the process to go to trial as they can end up paying massive claims.

You need to know your rights before you sign or make comments to ICBC. It is highly recommended that you call a lawyer right away (the same day if you are able.)

Without further adue, here is The Wealthy Franchises best icbc lawyer Vancouver list:

  1. HART Legal– The website didn’t have too much information on ICBC claims. They have 25 years of experience as a law firm. HART Legal has has a high end ICBC lawyer, Gurinder Bains, who appears to be a ICBC specialist. They don’t seem to do any other type of injury law anymore.
  2. John Mickelson Law Corporation– The law firm claims to handle every kind of ICBC claim:
    Car Accidents,Pedestrian Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, and Slip & Fall Accidents.
  3. Preszler Law-¬†Founded by Robert Preszler in 1959. The website offered a wealth of information about the ICBC process. Here is some interesting information that we found: “Most people injured in motor vehicle accidents are entitled to ICBC benefits for lost income and treatment expenses, even if the accident was their fault.”

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