Calgary business for sale

Calgary business for sale

Calgary business for sale

If you have arrived at this page, chances are you are looking for a Calgary business for sale. You have probably done a lot of research into the pro’s and con’s of franchising, and you have decided that it is right for you.

Now you are looking for the right type of franchise opportunity.

I have worked in franchising for six years, and I am personally invested in four different franchises. I started a franchise company that seeks out profitable franchises. It is also important that I believe in the management team. I have rejected many franchise opportunities. I have found two different companies and got my friends and family on board.


The two companies are Bon Macaron and Hart Legal. Both are extremely different companies in two very different industries. Funny enough, neither are franchises.

Bon Macaron is a french bakery and Hart Legal is an innovative law firm.

For the law firm investment opportunity you do not need to a lawyer. You invest in Hart Management Inc, not the law firm. You can text me at 778—676—3808—- for more information.

Before you invest in any franchise, you should look into the following:

Vision and value proposition

Many technology companies (which I am against investing in) compare themselves to other more successful companies:

“We’re the Uber for Pets”

“We’re the Netflix for Video Games”

This means absolutely nothing to me.

I don’t like technology companies because they often have insane evaluations and the millennial founders are cocky. I spoke to an owner of a cannabis store and he was comparing himself to the tobacco industry. This didn’t interest me at all.

The problem and solution

It should be clear what problem the company is trying to solve with their service or product. Once the problem has been identified, it should be realistic how the company is going to solve the problem.

I am looking for partners to invest in Calgary franchises or businesses for sale with me. There are opportunities with both Hart Legal and Bon Macaron. Feel free to text me if you are serious about investing in a franchise or business.

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