Growing law firm practice

Growing law firm practice

Growing law firm practice

Growing law firm practice

HART Legal had an amazing year in 2016. The law firm had massive growth in 2016. They grew their number of law firms from 3 offices (Victoria, Vancouver and Surrey) to 14 law firms! This included the opening of our Los Angeles, Regina, Edmonton, Regina, and Anaheim law firms. Alistair Vigier spent 2016 travelling around cities, raising capital, setting up referral arrangements with other law firms, and helping set up the HART Legal law firms.

HART Legal first started off as a legal franchise but then transitioned to a joint venture model. The reason for this was that the law society was unsure about a non-lawyer purchasing a law firm franchise.

Some of the highlights of the year for HART Legal in 2016 include:

The firm started 2017 off well with the opening of their Pasadena California office and the Edmonton Alberta law firm. HART Legal has plans to open more law firms in 2017. Please view the HART Legal website for a list of opening law firms.

HART is also expanding into immigration law, corporate law, and real estate law. This will allow them to offer a greater range of services to their clients.

HART Legal is looking for investors for the following areas:

  • Etobicoke Ontario
  • Scarborough Ontario
  • Richmond Hill Ontario (reserved)
  • Mississauga Ontario
  • Brampton Ontario
  • Vaughan Ontario (reserved)
  • Markham Ontario
  • Ottawa Ontario
  • Winnipeg Manitoba
  • Long Beach California
  • San Diego California

HART Legal is also looking to start a real estate investment company and in the near future and will be looking for investors to work with us to purchase properties. We will have a tenant (our law firms) for these properties so the properties will cash flow. We are planning to unveil our investment opportunity for the real estate company in April 2017. If you would like to be contacted once we have worked out the details please send an email to Alistair Vigier here.

Please note that The Wealthy Franchise is now going to be an informational resource for those looking to invest in the franchise industry instead of a franchise broker company. The CEO of The Wealthy Franchise (Alistair Vigier) has begun working within HART Legal and therefore has no time to take on new clients. However, if you want to talk to us about investing in a franchise please contact us! We always love speaking with potential investors and comparing business opportunities.

Have an amazing 2017!

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